Meditating on Manipura

Just above the navel, at the center of our being, is the solar plexus; our raw energy sun center. Light, fire, & air: combine to create a magical battery pack that fuels us thru life on this god given planet. And the best part is, each persons 'City of Jewels' can be found when ever they choose; it's easy. 

Let your awareness go within, ever so gently draw extra breath to your center, feeling yourself expand in every direction, filling just to the point of a smooth - relaxed exhale release.  If any effort is given, let it be to the feeling of expansion during the inhale, or to the 'up and in' of the lower belly at the end of the exhale. The more we train to consciously relax and expand when inhaling, as well as making the effort to complete the exhale, the closer we are to experiencing our utmost potential. 

It is in times of turmoil we need our manipura 'member berries most! Connecting with our determination and raw personal power can be our saving grace - sometimes the difference between living or no. Yet, I genuinely ask you, how during those times of overwhelming pain and suffering do we remember to connect? 

I dedicate this to all the beautiful broken souls that came before me, as well as the wisdom seekers, for whom I am deeply appreciative of.

The Seed

There's a pause between breaths; where the awareness of consciousness is most easily found. 

Where the majesty of the tree is almost silent; a stillness between action, between growth.

Have patience, have compassion; remember the seed doesn't yet know what it will become.

It's just small and fragile and quiet.